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FUN things for your event

We offer different things for your events. Depends how many people you have and on what season you come to visit us we have many entertaining offers for you. Underneath you can find some examples we offer. For more information ask via email:


we are situated in the port Rohuneeme and it makes it ideal to make a trip on the sea. We have 3 fast RIB boats and one watersport boat.

Sea safari is ideal for summer events (may-october). During sea safari we can take 10-36 people to have fast and entertaining trip to Tallinn Bay. Another option is that we take you to nearby island where we can also organize you excursion, food or even overnight stay.

FISH prepairing school

Its another way to have your event together with food and training. In our fish school we show you all the different fish available in Estonia at that season. We show you how to prepare fish, how to make fillet and how to prepare. At the end we prepare food from all the different fish and  you can eat everything. The event takes about 4 hours and is suitable for maximum 20 people in summertime and 12 people at winter time. When you arrive, some snacks are already waiting for you so that you do not have to do training with hunger. Some drinks are also included. At the end we offer dessert and coffee.

Poker school

Our partners offer Poker school for your event. They come together with poker table and train you to play poker. ideal for 10 people at the time. The ones who finish game earlier can enjoy our sauna for example.

Sea rescue training

Our team consists of 11 people who are also doing search and rescue on Tallinn Bay during season. We also offer our clients that we teach them how to survive in cold water. We show you main things for survival and rescue, lifting positions, how to do heart massage etc. The training is room and in water. We also give you special clothes and equipment to use.

Games / DJ / Band

We help you to find special people to run you event. We can also help you with musicians, singers, magicians and other entertainers.

Coctail school

Coctail school is ideal for people that are interested about different drinks and how to make them. Basically we bring special bar and barman to train you to mix drinks. Its ideal for maximum 20 people.

Excursions on islands

When you decide to have your event together with boat trip to islands, then we can organize you the best guides and trasportation on the islands. On Island Naissaar and Prangli there is possible to have military truck excursion together with guide and it takes from 1,5-3hrs, depends on your wish. After nice island trip you can return to Captainhouse and have luxurios food and sauna.

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