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You can order all the tasty food for your event from us. We offer snacks, main courses and desserts.

You can also come with your own food or order catering company.

All you alcoholic beverages you can bring your own. We do not offer alcohol at all.

If you order food from us, we also have all cutlery and needed plates and classes. If you come with your own food then you have to have recycable plates and cutlery.

Please note: we are not a restaurant. All the food has to be pre-ordered and is specially made for you.

Ask menu via email:

Food for your event

We offer food for your meetings, parties and coffee breaks. All the food is natural and free from chemicals. We try to offer national and  international food. Although we have our own menu, you can always ask for your special requests.


We have big choise of salad baskets and snacks: cheese plate, meat choice, fish plate, vegetarian, gluten free and lactose free choice.

Grilled meat and fish

For main courses we have grilled meat, grilled or panseared fish, grilled chicken and seafood. All meat is local except exotical seafood. For sides we offer salads, grilled vegetables, rice or potatoes.


We have tasty national desserts and different cakes. Let us know what you prefer and we make you offer.

FISH prepairing school

Its another way to have your event together with food and training. In our fish school we show you all the different fish available in Estonia at that season. We show you how to prepare fish, how to make fillet and how to prepare. At the end we prepare food from all the different fish and  you can eat everything. The event takes about 4 hours and is suitable for maximum 20 people in summertime and 12 people at winter time. When you arrive, some snacks are already waiting for you so that you do not have to do training with hunger. Some drinks are also included. At the end we offer dessert and coffee.

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